We provide rentals too! We have beverage wagons that can be customized to dispense the products of your choosing. You may also be interested in renting our tables and chairs or perhaps a party tent. We even rent our cookers so you can prepare the food your own way. Give us a call and we will get you the equipment that you need for your event.

Beverage Wagons

Quench Your Thirst

$150 per Day plus Delivery
Beer: $180 per half-barrel (Miller Products)
Beer: $100 per quarter-barrel (Miller Products)
Wine Coolers: $75 per case of 24 bottles
Soda: $2 per can

Tents, Tables, and Chairs

Make Your Event More Comfortable

Tents (20′ x 40′)
Folding Tables and Chairs

Enhance Your Event

Cook It All on a Spit
Rent our cooker for $150 per day.

Call now to get a rental.

(262) 567-8164

All rentals are subject to delivery charges.